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A Low Heel Affair

I once declared that I would never wear kitty-heels because they were absolutely unattractive, but ever since the low block heels started to trend, I became a hypocrite and jumped on the low/mid heel wagon. It started with my Chloe scalloped block heels – which I absolutely adore! And from there, my collection slowly grew.

As much as I love my red soles and beautiful craftsmanship of Mr. Louboutin, they are simply too formal for everyday wear. Since I go to little events or galas, my red soles have only found themselves in my cupboard collecting dust. Which is why the kitty heels are so easy to fall in love with! They give you both elevation and comfort. It also brings a hint of sophistication when paired with a high waisted jeans and tee. Over the spring and summer months, these kitty heels have been a staple wardrobe choice.

Explore my favourite mid-heel shoes I’ve been obsessed with this summer… and they have surprisingly taken over my entire wardrobe!

No. 1 Pumps

Chloe Scalloped Pumps in Metallic Silver


No.2 Loafer Pumps

Gucci Marmont Loafer Mid Heel in Black


No.3 Slides

Pedder Red Cross Slides in Turquoise Velvet


No.4 Slingbacks

Christian Dior J’adior Ribbon Slingback in Black

With these kitty heels, I no longer have to hold onto walls, people and most of all run towards a chair or stool because of how much my feet hurt. I think growing a little bit older comes with its consequences, and that is, we learn to stop lying to ourselves about how comfortable we are when we’re actually in so much pain. Now that I’ve grown so in-love with mid-heel shoes, I don’t think I could ever go back to towering pumps over 100mm. Or could I?


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