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Cashmere Diaries 2017

In the past 2 years I’ve spent in Hong Kong, I was practically living out of a suitcase – travelling to Utrecht and London, to Beijing and Shanghai, and my favourite parts of Asia. Many of these trips were for business purposes. Before this, I have been known to chase after warmer weathers – like heading north in June/July and remaining in Australia throughout December. Living on the other end of the equator has tipped everything the “right” way round – and since I hate the cold weather, cashmere sweater and coats have been my best friend.

I suppose I could say I have a slight obsession for cashmere… Okay, it’s true – I have an overwhelming obsession for cashmere. It’d be hard not to sell me anything that is made of high quality cashmere! Since 2017 is almost coming to and end, I must share my fondest cashmere memories of 2017!

January 2017 – Shanghai, China

Talk about mis-appropriating company funds, I travelled to our Shanghai office just to attend their annual New Year dinner. I am, afterall a big part of their team – how could I refuse?

Here I am wearing my favourite turtle neck sweater from Club Monaco


February 2017 – Kanazawa Japan

Chinese New Year in Japan has become a bit of a tradition, but this year we decided to go to Kanazawa. I had not been pre-warned of how cold it would be. We had missed the snow and unfortunately arrived at the worst time possible – when it started raining and the ice melting.

Here I am wearing a reversible cashmere coat from Atsuro Tayama

March 2017 – Hong Kong

Hong Kong goes through weird spells of hot and cold weather. I remember it was scorchingly hot throughout December, my friends were sharing photos of their christmas parties in shorts and tees. This meant that winter came late and stayed till the end of March.

Here I am wearing a blended cashmere dress from Asos.

April 2017 – Paris, France

Ahh.. this was the best trip of the year! For my birthday this year, my family and I travelled to London, Paris and Milan to soak up the european spring time… unfortunately for us, London and Paris were still very cold! Let’s say, we weren’t very happy about how much luggage space our sweaters and heavy coats took… Damnit, I could have bought more stuff!

Here I am wearing a heavy knit sweater by Club Monaco

May 2017

May was a bit of a blackhole for me, let’s just say I spent it studying for my GMAT!

June/July 2017 – Melbourne, Australia

There is no where like home! But, nobody chooses to go to Australia in the winter. It’s quite literally pazzesco! But hey, I knew I was going to Italy for my MBA and I had to go home to spend some time with all of my friends and family!…. and also have some amazing food!

Here I am wearing a cashmere sweater from &OtherStories and a cashmere scarf from Cos.

August 2017

Don’t be ridiculous, the only places in the world that’s cashmere appropriate at this time in the southern hemisphere! I had just returned from Australia, I wouldn’t be travelling anywhere as far as that afterwards!

September – Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

As most of you are aware, I am about to get married! And so, my bridesmaid + maid of honour and I rocked the night at Kuala Lumpur’s hottest (at the time) nightspot – Suzy Wong. It was definitely a night to remember! But of course, my maid-of-honour had to fulfil her role, so she lent me her cashmere cardigan throughout the night!

Me, on a swing, with a borrowed cashmere cardigan!

November/December 2017 – Milan, Italy

I MOVED TO MILAN…. well, before that I tried to stock up on a few cashmere items. But seeing as I lost my Instagram husband – there aren’t many photos of me from this point onwards.

My my… I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by… 12 months ago, I was in Melbourne having the best time of my life and here I am, in Milan a quarter into my MBA journey. Though, I must say… Italy is probably the worst thing that could happen to me, because there are simply far too many options for cashmere! My latest obsession is these cashmere joggers – they are available at Stefanel, Falconeri, Topshop and Everlane!

Mine are from Stefanel and they are the blended cashmere joggers – just because they are less likely to pill.

I could live in cashmere all year round – except maybe summer. Summer is a bit impractical, but if you’re always under air-conditioning, then there’s always a good reason for cashmere!

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