Her Story

Laura is a blogger and a modern day nomad. Friends often question her whereabouts, while she clocks up the miles across Asia and Europe. She was born in Borneo but moved to Australia in her teens, and eventually built a life and career there. However, she always felt something was missing. In 2015, she took a leap of faith and moved to Hong Kong, where she now resides. In between business trips, yoga and distractions from online shopping, Laura writes passionately about her travel and life experiences. 

Laura has been an avid blogger for years covering topics on food, travel and nightlife. After finding herself in a bit of a personal roadblock, she felt it was time to restart a hobby she has always put aside for career succession. Ergo, Lauradilusso.com was born.

di lusso” is Luxury in Italian, and her passion for luxury started at a very young age, with indulgences of travel, food and high-end fashion when she was too young to even recognise. Thus, nurturing her to become the person she is today. Combining her love for the good things in life and a passion to share her stories, Laura Dilusso brings you her perspective on style, travel and food.