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7 Steps to better skin in 7 days

I never paid much attention to my skin when I was younger, and now that I’m almost 30, signs of abuse have started to appear. Rough skin, dryness, texture, firmness… they all start to get a little less perfect. Although there are many “easy” ways to retain those youthful looks, plastic surgery was not for me. I would much rather invest in keeping a reliable skin care regimen and stick to it! And believe it or not, I have never had a facial in my life! So, in my ways I have to feel thankful to have such wonderful skin, and that is why I should put more effort into taking better care of it!

When you are bombarded with so much skin care available to you on the market, you must understand that not everything works, and skin care alone will not give you the flawless skin you want. Here, are my 7 steps to better skin in 7 days, but I hope to share more about my beauty regiment!

#1 Let your skin breathe  

Try avoiding make up for a few days, like any living thing, you must let you skin breathe and take a rest. To follow the trend of Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus, I braced my insecurities and went make up free for most of May. It was extremely liberating, not just for my confidence and self love, but also for my tired and weathered skin.

#2 Improve your diet

While my Eurotrip was fun and exhilarating, my liver and kidneys were completely overwhelmed by all the rich food I was eating. Copious amounts of butter, emulsion, red meat, and foie gras, although delicious can cause significant strain on your digestive system and thus breakouts. Thankfully after I returned from my 3 weeks away, I had reached the point of “food fatigue” and reverted to a clean and fresh diet. My physician said, if you’re not eating 3 bowls equivalent of fruit and vegetables, then you’re not eating a balanced diet. I know everyone is going vegan, not that you have to, but it’s worth trying to cut out meat once in the week, and maybe 2 or 3 in the later months?

#3 Double cleanse

If you are anything like me, you will try to cut down to only the essential beauty regimen – because let’s face it, a “normal” beauty regimen takes too much effort and time. Prior to my new found method, I used to only cleanse my face in the shower, walk out and get ready for work or for bed. But when I saw no improvements to my skin, I began to realize that my cleansing method might not be as effective as I thought it should have been. And then, I discovered the Soko Glam – 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine, it literally changed my life!

Cleansing your skin once is not enough. By using an oil based cleanser will leave your skin oily and cause oil deposits. Using only a water based cleanser will not get rid of the remnants of your make up. So first oil clean, then, water soluble cleanse!

#4 Serums

It’s 2017, and you must have heard so much about serums! But you might also be wondering – do they actually work? Yes, they do! And they worth the money? Well, there are a lot of serums out there. The most expensive ones aren’t the best on the market, nor could you say the cheaper ones are terrible. My advice is to try a few commercial brands and then slowly move upwards. If you’ve watched my October Favourites video, you will know that I absolutely love the Sulwhasoo Serum EX. My tip is to go with a brand you’re most comfortable with, and suit your skin type.

#5 Essential oils

Do not underestimate the power of essential oils. When the craze of essential oils began, I was a little skeptical. I thought this was going to be another beauty/youthfulness scam. But my mother – who hoards essential oil the way Samantha Jones hoarded her multi vitamins in the Sex & the city movie; is able to maintain her youthfulness and impeccable skin. When I told her my skin was starting to feel aged, dry and weathered, she suggested rose hip oil, and results from the following day left me in disbelief. Plump, supple and rejuvenated are the 3 words I would use to describe my skin the next day.

#6 Sweat it out

There is no better way to get rid of toxins than to sweat it out. When I moved to Hong Kong, I had to deal with the change in the weather and climate. Even though you sweat incredibly much in the summers here, it’s not enough to flush out the toxins nor help your digestive system. The only way is cardio, cardio, cardio!

#7 Re-hydrate

Once you’ve sweat it all out, it’s time to replenish! It’s a known fact that drinking sufficient amounts of water is one good for the skin. But, you must keep this consistent. I sometimes get too busy and forget to drink water, so now I bring a bottle of water with me all day and make sure I finish the bottle of water before the end of the day.

Incorporate these steps into your current routine and let me know in the comments if they’ve improved your skin significantly!

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