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    Cashmere Diaries 2017

    In the past 2 years I’ve spent in Hong Kong, I was practically living out of a suitcase – travelling to Utrecht and London, to Beijing and Shanghai, and my favourite parts of Asia. Many of these trips were for business purposes. Before this, I have been known to chase after warmer weathers – like heading north in June/July and remaining in Australia throughout December. Living on the other end of the equator has tipped everything the “right” way round – and since I hate the cold weather, cashmere sweater and coats have been my best friend.

    I suppose I could say I have a slight obsession for cashmere… Okay, it’s true – I have an overwhelming obsession for cashmere. It’d be hard not to sell me anything that is made of high quality cashmere! Since 2017 is almost coming to and end, I must share my fondest cashmere memories of 2017!

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